ForeCast 8th November – spiritual PPE

Thank you for joining us for ForeCast last Sunday as we continued studying Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. Jo shared with us from Ephesians 6 v 10-24 on Living as Children of Light – with Personal Protective Equipment. We heard from various members of our congregation – including one in Space! Jane led the service […]

ForeCast 14 June

Thank you for joining us for this week’s ForeCast livestream service on Sunday 14 June. If you missed it, or you want to see any of it again, you can get to it at this link: Nigel led the second of our series on Great Speeches in Acts, with friend-of-Forefront David Herring, of Quantock Ministries, […]

ForeCast 7 June

Thanks for joining us for ForeCast, our Livelink service on Sunday. To see it again, follow the same link. Christine and Becs led in beautiful Monks Yard, the cafe and conference centre whose reopening we are all eagerly awaiting. We launched our new four-week series on “Great Speeches in Acts”. We stretched the technology once […]

Two brothers – and bad things made better

Hello Pebbles, Rocks and Topz!  I hope you enjoyed a great week and are ready for another story of someone from the Bible. You learnt about Abraham and how he had waited a ve-e-er-r-ry long time for children. Then last week you heard that Abraham and Sarah finally had a son – Isaac. Well guess what, […]

ForeCast 31 May

Sunday 31 May ForeCast: Thank you to everyone who joined us on Sunday 31 May for our ForeCast. If you missed it, you can catch up by clicking this link: It was led by Anisa, with Dave speaking, and a host of church members taking part, and was the latest in our occasional series on […]

Miracle fish!

Today we are going to look at a story that we can find in John chapter 21. The disciples are still sad because even though they know Jesus rose from the dead, they don’t know how long he will be around and what will happen next. How will they cope? They are sitting by the […]

Palm Sunday

Welcome to the third of our online sessions! I hope you have enjoyed the last two weeks and have been able to hear the stories, make crafts, play games and connect with God.  During this week if you make any crafts or related things or have already made anything from the previous week’s we would […]

Daily updates!

Keep an eye on our Covid-19 page for updates and new information. So far, we’ve had a 100% record* for daily updates. Send us your stories of outreach to neighbours, thoughts and comments, and we’ll try to incorporate the most encouraging in future Sunday livestreams. If you’re at a loose end, pray, ask God to […]

Present for Christmas

Friend-of-Forefront Jorge Santos brought along a cake to our “Present For Christmas” meeting on Sunday 22nd December. Themed with our “Christmas – The Big Question” logo, it was declared baubalicious by everyone who tasted it. Jorge, a citizen of Sao Tome, is the longest-attending member of our English language conversation class. He and his wife […]