Palm Sunday

Welcome to the third of our online sessions! I hope you have enjoyed the last two weeks and have been able to hear the stories, make crafts, play games and connect with God.  During this week if you make any crafts or related things or have already made anything from the previous week’s we would love to see them! We would also like to show some of them in our service on Sunday 12th which will be livestreamed. So take a picture and send them to  Only take a picture with you in it if your parents are happy for it to be shown in our service.

So, what is happening this week? Well, – we are going to be looking at Palm Sunday. Let’s start with an introduction to the session and click here for a video of the story!

Did you know anything about Palm Sunday before, or why it is called Palm Sunday? If you want to read the story for yourself then you can find it in the Bible in Matthew 21 v 1-11.

Here is a question for you to think about – Why do you think Jesus came into the city on a donkey?

Let’s help ourselves remember what people shouted when Jesus rode into Jerusalem.

 Memory verse and game time

Here is our memory verse: “Hosanna to the Son of David! Hosanna in the highest heaven!” Matthew 21 v 9.

Let’s get you outside in the sunshine! If you have a path or a patio at your home, why not draw this verse out with chalks (if your parents don’t mind!). You could draw leaves and write each word out in a leaf. Then jump along a bit like hopscotch and try to learn it. Or you could draw out a picture of todays story in chalk for everyone to enjoy. (Until it rains!)

If you don’t have a path or chalks why not make big leaves from paper and write out the verse, one word to each leaf. Jump along it and as you think you have learned a word, turn it over so you can’t see it and test your memory.

Craft time

Are you feeling creative? Why not try our Palm Sunday door hanger or table decoration, or the Palm Sunday donkey.

Download the template for the donkey and leaf crafts. And then, download the instructions for how to make them both. You only need the two downloads to be able to make them all.

Work that brain!

Take a look at this Palm Sunday wordsearch. If you are at home with brothers and sisters, why not try and make your own wordsearch for them to try.

Thinking of others

1 – You could use your crafts to cheer up your family at the meal table this week.

2 – Why not make two Palm Sunday leaf crafts and have one on your table and one to stick on your front door so that anyone who walks by can see it or as the postman delivers mail.

3 – Don’t forget Jesus came to bring peace. If you get annoyed with someone in your family this week try and be the peacemaker instead.


Say this prayer out loud to finish.

Dear God, help us as we celebrate this Palm Sunday. Help us remember when everyone cheered as you rode into Jerusalem. Thank you that you came to help us and bring us peace and freedom. Thank you that we can talk to you every day. Amen.






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