Two brothers – and bad things made better

Hello Pebbles, Rocks and Topz!  I hope you enjoyed a great week and are ready for another story of someone from the Bible. You learnt about Abraham and how he had waited a ve-e-er-r-ry long time for children. Then last week you heard that Abraham and Sarah finally had a son – Isaac. Well guess what, Isaac married Rebekah and they also waited quite a long time for children. Today we are going to hear about those children.

The Story

As you watch the video look out for things that you think it would not be good to do:

Talk about

Did you know this story already? Did you spot all the bad things? Like favouritism, lying, tricks, not caring about your birthright, anger. There are lots!

The amazing thing is that even though everyone in this story did bad things, God could still use them and bring good out of the situation. What do you think happened after Jacob ran away? Do you think Esau chased him?  Maybe you could see if your parents can tell you or read about it in Genesis chapters 28 -33. It involves angels, sheep, two wives, lots of work, wrestling and forgiveness to name a few.

Have you ever made a mistake? Or done something wrong? Well, the great thing is that God forgives us and he can make good things come out of our mistakes. Why not try a ‘mistake picture’ to remind you. Take a sheet of paper and drop some paint splots on it or some felt tips dabs.

Here is an example.

I gave each person in the family a sheet with different paint blobs on and told them to try and make their ‘mistake picture’ into a drawing. You can try doing dot-to-dot or use the blobs in your drawing.

The next pictures show you what we came up with – click on each one to see them full size. Can you see which of the pictures was made from the page of blobs on the left? Aren’t they great! You can make something great out of a mistake which is what God can do in our lives. Why not get all your family to try one and see how creative you can be.

More crafts to try

There are two templates for you that you can print out here.

The first is a picture of Jacob and Esau. Stick it on a piece of card if you like, and colour it in. Then cut along the thin black lines and you have a 20 piece puzzle you can put together.

The second is a different picture of Jacob and Esau and I have put instructions on for you to be able to make Jacob slide the bowl of stew to Esau. You might need parents help to cut the dotted lines.

A game to play – What Is It?

Watch this video to see a fun game you can play with your family. It will remind you of the story and how Isaac was tricked.

Memory Verse

I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go. Genesis 28 v 15

This Week

Don’t forget that Esau forgave Jacob and God forgives us. We need to be ready to forgive others also.

And finally, Jayden welcomed a new family member into his home this week. Meet Maya the new puppy!

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