All lined up

The 180 youth team presented the results of their autumn term’s work to the rest of Forefront Community Church on Sunday 10 November 2019. It’s a hand-drawn timeline of the Bible, illustrated in various styles, placing key Bible stories in their appropriate places. It also traces out the history of major themes, such as mercy, […]

Happy Families?

We’ll be looking at some amazing stories from the life of Jacob and his family in our new series of Sunday morning talks. You’ll want to read ahead, to get the full value from each talk. To find out which passages to read, download our new talk from the Sermon Series page.

Chard Carnival

Chard Carnival is an event not to be missed! The Forefront Centre, strategically located on the carnival route, will be open from 6.30pm on Saturday 12 October. We will be providing hot drinks and refreshments. We hope you will be able to pop in and say hello!

New Life Group starting!

The leaves may be starting to fall off out in the garden, but we’re growing new shoots in Forefront! This term, our seventh Life Group is starting up, and we are glad to welcome a number of new members in various groups. We now have groups meeting on Monday (1), Tuesday (1), Wednesday (2) and […]

Fitting the stories together

The 180 youth group are spending this term on an art project, fitting together the stories in the Bible into one over-arching timeline. Different leaders are joining them each week to think about various themes which emerge from the Bible story, and working together to locate them in the ‘big picture’. We’ll be sharing the […]

5 keys for the family of God

Maybe you didn’t get a copy in this week’s service. Maybe you’ve already spilt coffee all over it. But the good news is, you can easily download a new copy of the series guide to our next five Sunday talks, Five Keys To Living As The Family Of God taken from the book of 1st […]

Worklife retired

Worklife job club will meet for the last time on 3rd September 2019 Worklife was started seven years ago to support unemployed people with advice, CV writing, access to computers and help with using them, job-finding tips and encouragement. Originally it ran weekly, and then more recently once a month at Forefront Centre.   More […]

heart of beans

Drink coffee, read Bible

Two of life’s greatest pleasures – drinking coffee with friends, and reading the Bible – are re-starting in the first week of September after our Summer break. Wednesday morning at 10.30am is the time for a chat over coffee (hint: tea and other drinks are also available!), and that begins on 4th September. Friday morning […]

Calling young mums

Growing Together, Forefront’s Friday afternoon group for under-21-year-old mums and their infants, starts again after the summer break on 6 September, and we’ve got room for new members. The groups take place in the centre, with occasional trips – like this fun day out at Axe Valley Centre, where the group is pictured fishing for […]

We’re receiving you!

Forefront Centre manager Martyna Lee (pictured) is managing a new team of receptionists, since we released Angie to her well-deserved retirement. Jane Marsh is in the hot seat on Mondays and Fridays. Martyna is behind the desk on Tuesdays. From October, new team member Julie Bristow will be our receptionist on Wednesdays and Thursdays – […]