Baby Jesus

Hello Rocks and Topz, Only five weeks to go until Christmas! When Mary and Joseph were alive there was no such thing as Christmas. They would have no idea that what happened would be celebrated all these years later. Have a look at the introduction video: And this is our video for this week: So, […]

Mary & Joseph

  Talk about it How do you think Mary and Joseph felt when angels came to see them? What do you think Mary thought about being pregnant with God’s Son? What did Mary and Joseph find out about Jesus before he was even born? What would have been difficult for Mary and Joseph? Pray Mary […]

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

Welcome everyone! Here is a question for you – can you tell me who might protect you? How about – your parents? The Police? Your teacher? This week we follow on from Daniel and take a look at three of his friends who were protected by God. They believed in him and were obedient to […]


Talk about it How do you think Daniel and his friends felt when they were taken to a new country? What do you think would have been hard for them? This next video shows a bit more detail about a very famous part of Daniel’s life. Before you watch it, see if you can tell […]

Jeremiah and the plans God has for you

Hello everyone. We hope you have had a great week at school and have got room in your head for a little more learning! Over the last few weeks we have been learning about quite a few of the prophets. For example, Elijah was a prophet, and so was Jonah…..Can you think of anymore? Prophets […]

Isaiah (and Josiah)

Hi everyone! Last week we had a great time learning together about King Josiah. In case you missed it, you can quickly catch up by watching this video. We were amazed that he became king when he was only eight years old! But even though he was young, he was a great king because he […]

Back to school!

Let’s play a game! Why do you try harder at some things than others? Does God expect us to try hard at things? Yes, he wants us to always do our best! Why might that be? Talk about it Why do you think the boy gave Jesus his lunch? Was it a big lunch?  Might […]

Jonah’s fishy tale

Hello everyone! This week we will take a journey with Jonah. Take a look at this: Jonah is a book all of its own in the Bible but how well do you think you actually know the story? Watch this to find out. The job God gave Jonah was not an easy one. It involved […]


Hi everyone! How are you all? Hope you’ve had a good week! Last week we heard about Elijah, one of the prophets who gave God’s messages to the people of Israel when their kings weren’t listening to God. Elijah wasn’t the only prophet though, and today we’re going to find out about Elisha. He had […]


Hello everyone! Watch this video for some of the highlights of Elijah’s life… … then watch this video for a closer look at Elijah’s challenge to King Ahab and his false god. Talk about it Why did God stop sending rain? (1 Kings 16:29-33 will give you a clue!) After that, it didn’t rain for […]