Joshua and Jericho

Hello Pebbles, Rocks and Topz – welcome back! Talk about it How do you think Joshua and the Israelites felt when they heard God’s instructions? How do you think Rahab and her family felt? How can this bible story help us when God is asking us to do something that might seem strange or difficult? […]

Spying out the land

Hello! Let’s have a quick recap of some of the things that happened to God’s people after they left Egypt and before they got to Canaan. See if you can spot how many spies Moses sent into Canaan and how long the Israelites were in the desert… How many spies did Moses send into Canaan? […]

Joshua rocks!

Hello Pebbles, Rocks and Topz! Did you enjoy the session on Moses last week? What a lot happened! This time we are looking at Joshua who took over from Moses. To catch up with the first part of the story take a look at this: God’s people are so close to the promised land now […]


Hi everyone, welcome back! Watch part one here – there are lots more videos to watch further down the page! Talk about it How do you think Moses’s mum felt when she put her baby in the river? And how did the Israelites feel being slaves? How did Moses feel when God spoke to him […]


Hi everyone! Hope you’ve all had a great week and have had a lot of fun with last week’s activities! Let’s start with a quick recap of the story of Abraham’s family so far… So let’s take a proper look at the story of Joseph – this video is a really quick version, but you […]

Two brothers – and bad things made better

Hello Pebbles, Rocks and Topz!  I hope you enjoyed a great week and are ready for another story of someone from the Bible. You learnt about Abraham and how he had waited a ve-e-er-r-ry long time for children. Then last week you heard that Abraham and Sarah finally had a son – Isaac. Well guess what, […]

Isaac & Rebekah

Welcome back – I hope you’ve all had a great week! Last week we heard about Abraham and Sarah and the amazing promises God made them. God asked them to move from their hometown to a new place he had promised to give them. They would have spent a lot of time living in a […]

Abraham and Sarah

Hi everyone! It’s been great seeing some of the crafty things you have been making – these VE Day decorations are brilliant! Last week we had a great time learning about Noah – and here he is, hard at work!               Today’s story is all about Abraham and Sarah. […]

Noah’s Ark

Welcome back Rocks, Topz and Pebbles. Last week we started to meet some people that are part of God’s bible, the very first people called Adam and Eve. Do you remember what happened? Sharing: Thanks to those of you that have been sharing what you have been creating and thinking about with us. This week […]

Adam & Eve

Welcome back to Pebbles, Rocks & Topz! It’s been great looking at Easter and the early church over the last few weeks, but now we’re taking a trip right back to the very beginning of the bible. Over the next few months we’re going to meet lots of people who make up part of God’s […]