Adventure Ahoy! Holiday Club 2023

It’s time to go searching for treasure and adventure at Holiday Club 2023! Holiday club will be returning to Holyrood School this summer from Mon 31 July – Fri 4 Aug Save the date and join us for a week of games, drama, music, crafts and lots more. Use the QR code to book your […]

Living generously!

Hi everyone! This week we are looking at Living Generously – take a look at this. To see the next session of our story from Acts 4 watch the video below. It is introduced by Colin the coin collector. Think about How exciting that the group of people who believe in Jesus has grown from […]

Peter & John

Hello and welcome back! Last week Jane told us about when the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost. The disciples and people who had been following Jesus were changed from a very scared, nervous bunch, to a group of men and women who did amazing things for God! Today we’re going to hear about Peter and […]

Doves, wind and flame!

Hello everyone! Today we are looking at Pentecost. Anyone know what that means? Well, Pente means 50 and we celebrate it 50 days after Easter. Even better, it is when the Holy Spirit came to earth to be a helper for anyone who believes in Jesus. Pentecost is often called the birthday of the church […]

After Easter

Talk about it What did Thomas say when his friends told him Jesus was alive? Why do you think he wanted proof before he believed? What did Jesus say to Thomas when he saw him? How do you think Thomas felt then? Pray Thank you God that so many people saw Jesus after he had […]

Mary and the Lamb – Easter special

Hi everyone. Happy Easter! I hope you are enjoying the Easter season and the school holidays. Take a look at the video below for an introduction to our character this week – a lady from the Bible who features in the Easter story. Then watch this to hear the story starting from when Jesus was […]

Palm Sunday

It’s only a week until Easter – who else is excited?! These videos tell the story of Jesus in the last week before he was killed. They start with Palm Sunday, when everyone was cheering for him and celebrating that Jesus was there. But by the end of the week those same people were ready […]

John the disciple

Talk about it Wow, John must have seen some amazing things as a friend of Jesus! There were a couple of things mentioned in the video – can you think of any other miracles John would have seen Jesus do? Think about some of your friends. What makes you want to be friends with them? […]


Hi everyone! For those of you who are back to school this week – have a great time! Today we are continuing to look at some New Testament characters – watch this video for an introduction to Peter, another disciple. Then have a look at what happened in Peter’s life after he met Jesus. It’s […]

Judas (and the disciples)

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had a brilliant half term holiday! Talk about it What were some of the things the disciples gave up so they could follow Jesus? What might have been scary about leaving things behind? What would have been exciting about following Jesus? Talk about it Why was Judas annoyed with Mary? […]