Hi everyone! For those of you who are back to school this week – have a great time! Today we are continuing to look at some New Testament characters – watch this video for an introduction to Peter, another disciple. Then have a look at what happened in Peter’s life after he met Jesus. It’s […]

Judas (and the disciples)

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had a brilliant half term holiday! Talk about it What were some of the things the disciples gave up so they could follow Jesus? What might have been scary about leaving things behind? What would have been exciting about following Jesus? Talk about it Why was Judas annoyed with Mary? […]

Philip meets a stranger

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed hearing about John last week and growing your seeds. This week we will learn about Philip. Take a look at this for the introduction. Then watch this: Isn’t that an amazing story. I think there are lots of miracles in that story, including Philip disappearing at the end! Philip […]

John the Baptist

  Talk about it Where did John live? What did he wear and eat? What was special about the way he was born? What was the special job that he had to do? Why do you think his job was important? Pray Remember John’s job wasn’t always easy. The things he said upset a lot […]

The exiles build a wall!

Hello everyone! Our Bible characters this week are Ezra and Nehemiah. Both were in captivity in Babylon. Ezra was a priest and scribe (he wrote things down!) Nehemiah worked as a cupbearer to the King. Both of them were used by God and ended up back in Jerusalem to encourage the returned Jews to rebuild […]


Welcome back! I hope you’ve all had a brilliant Christmas and enjoyed your holiday. We spent lots of time looking at the Christmas story, but today we’re jumping back to the Old Testament and the story of Esther. This takes place at a time when the Jewish people had a non-Jewish king. Watch the story […]

The Wise Men

Hi Rocks and Topz. Welcome to the last online week before Christmas! Take a look at the introductory video. The Wise Men would have studied Holy writings that we now have as our Bible and knew that a King would be born in Bethlehem. The star must have been a sign to them that something […]

Shepherds and Angels

Hi everyone! Talk about it How do you think the shepherds felt when they first saw the angels? Do you think they took presents to Jesus when they saw him? What might they have taken? Why did the shepherds tell everyone in town about Jesus after they’d seen him? Things to do Dress up like […]

Baby Jesus

Hello Rocks and Topz, Only five weeks to go until Christmas! When Mary and Joseph were alive there was no such thing as Christmas. They would have no idea that what happened would be celebrated all these years later. Have a look at the introduction video: And this is our video for this week: So, […]

Mary & Joseph

  Talk about it How do you think Mary and Joseph felt when angels came to see them? What do you think Mary thought about being pregnant with God’s Son? What did Mary and Joseph find out about Jesus before he was even born? What would have been difficult for Mary and Joseph? Pray Mary […]