Miracle fish!

Today we are going to look at a story that we can find in John chapter 21. The disciples are still sad because even though they know Jesus rose from the dead, they don’t know how long he will be around and what will happen next. How will they cope? They are sitting by the lake and maybe like many of us when we don’t know what to do, we find something that we are familiar with to occupy ourselves.

Watch this video to find out what happens next.

How do think the disciples felt now? Excited, confused, still a bit sad, hopeful. All of those things?!

Jesus had not forgotten them. Even though they had gone out to do something they were good at and get some food to eat, it had been a fruitless trip. BUT Jesus was there waiting and had breakfast ready for them – plus he gave them many more fish than they could eat themselves!

They knew for sure this was Jesus. They could see him alive in front of them and eat with him. He wanted to encourage them that he was still with them. Yes, things would change but there was a plan and Jesus was going to use all of them as part of that plan. Do you know that you are part of God’s plan too? Even though we are in lockdown he has not forgotten us and wants us to know he is here with us.

Don’t forget to send pictures in of what you make so we can use them in the Sunday service. Watch the following video.

For the colourful rainbow fish posters, I have drawn a couple of fish templates for you. You can use them or if you are feeling creative draw your own. I know lots of you have rainbows in your windows at home. You could add your rainbow fish too!

For the beach scene and pebble fish, I used a paper folded boat, and the net was from a bag of fruit. But you can be as creative as you like in what you use. The fish are made from painted pebbles (see the picture below). I am looking forward to seeing what you all do!

If you want to read the story yourself it is found in John 21 v 1-14.

Below you will find a word scramble with words from the passage. I took them from the NIV version so if you get stuck you can always look there to help you.


Did you get them all? I have added the answers to the bottom of the page if you get stuck.

Why not have a breakfast outside in the garden this week? Maybe you can’t have fish but you could make some toast and cut out a fish shape. Then use the leftover pieces as your bread. Remember the story as you eat.

Some of you may already have fish catching games you could play with. If not, for an easy idea in the garden, you could fill up some plastic cups or bowls with water and use your stones from your beach scene. Or if you don’t want to use them as it will break up your scene and the paint might come off, something else you can imagine as a fish! Maybe you have some small plastic fish or can make some Lego fish. Place the pots a little way away from you and see how many fish you can catch in your pots by some careful aiming and throwing. Imagine how long it would take to catch 153 if you did it one by one!

Word Scramble answers – Peter, fish, disciples, raised, dragged, boat. Tiberias, jumped, breakfast, bread.

Before we finish, some of you have birthday’s this week so we want to say:


We hope you have lots of fun – and cake!

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