Where’s your treasure?

Provide purses for yourselves that will not wear out, a treasure in heaven that will never fail! (Luke 12:33) Find out what this purse has to teach us. Next Sunday morning, Chard Guildhall, from 10:30am, all welcome.

Flourishing in prayer

After launching Forefront Flourish 2020 on Sunday, we met to pray for the vision on Thursday. For those who came, the photo shows our memory-jogging items. If you didn’t make it – why not ask someone who did what each item stood for? To learn more about our focus this year, read the┬áVision Sunday handout, […]

Forefront Flourish 2020

Our Vision for 2020 includes two elements: ‘Flourishing’ – implying growth, dramatic gestures, reaching into new places … and yes, trumpets! “It is a day for you to sound the trumpets!” – Numbers 29:1 ‘Declaring’ – the Church represents a people “chosen to declare the praises of him who called us out of the darkness”, […]

Present for Christmas

Friend-of-Forefront Jorge Santos brought along a cake to our “Present For Christmas” meeting on Sunday 22nd December. Themed with our “Christmas – The Big Question” logo, it was declared baubalicious by everyone who tasted it. Jorge, a citizen of Sao Tome, is the longest-attending member of our English language conversation class. He and his wife […]

We went on a journey

… and it really was a big one! The Forefront Christmas Nativity service recreated the timeless account of the birth of Jesus in rhyme and rhythm, as shepherds, angels, wise men, Mary and Joseph, and even God himself, go on life-changing journeys. The question for us is – are we also on a journey into […]

Make some noise for Advent!

A full band from Forefront launched Advent with a musical enquiry into the Big Question behind the 2000 year success of Christmas. Children helped us uncover the clues, others read testimonies from witnesses, and we pieced together a story which puts Jesus Christ at the centre of the story. Next week – all are welcome […]

All lined up

The 180 youth team presented the results of their autumn term’s work to the rest of Forefront Community Church on Sunday 10 November 2019. It’s a hand-drawn timeline of the Bible, illustrated in various styles, placing key Bible stories in their appropriate places. It also traces out the history of major themes, such as mercy, […]

Happy Families?

We’ll be looking at some amazing stories from the life of Jacob and his family in our new series of Sunday morning talks. You’ll want to read ahead, to get the full value from each talk. To find out which passages to read, download our new talk from the Sermon Series page.

New Life Group starting!

The leaves may be starting to fall off out in the garden, but we’re growing new shoots in Forefront! This term, our seventh Life Group is starting up, and we are glad to welcome a number of new members in various groups. We now have groups meeting on Monday (1), Tuesday (1), Wednesday (2) and […]

Fitting the stories together

The 180 youth group are spending this term on an art project, fitting together the stories in the Bible into one over-arching timeline. Different leaders are joining them each week to think about various themes which emerge from the Bible story, and working together to locate them in the ‘big picture’. We’ll be sharing the […]