Mary and the Lamb – Easter special

Hi everyone. Happy Easter! I hope you are enjoying the Easter season and the school holidays. Take a look at the video below for an introduction to our character this week – a lady from the Bible who features in the Easter story.

Then watch this to hear the story starting from when Jesus was crucified. See what happens to give us a reason to celebrate today!

Talk about

How would you feel if you were the first person to see Jesus after he rose from the dead? Mary Magdalene must have been so overjoyed even though Jesus told her he would be returning to heaven. She had seen proof that what Jesus had been saying was true! Jesus called Mary by name and he calls you by your name, too. Will you follow him like Mary did?

Take a look at this.

This great photo is of Alana who saw a lamb being born! The lamb is now named after her.

What ideas did you come up with as to why lambs are important at Easter? Apart from the fact that lambs are born around this time of year, the Old Testament tells us that people had to sacrifice animals including lambs for forgiveness for their sins. The Bible talks about one special Lamb who would be the sacrifice for all people. Jesus is the Lamb of God and he was put on the cross as that sacrifice to save us all.

Things to do

I sent you all an email with an Easter tomb craft, featuring Mary Magdalene and Jesus. Ask your parents, if you haven’t already seen it! And if you are reading this after Easter, get in touch with us if you’d like that.

You can make Easter lamb bunting like the photo at the top of the page. Print out the template I have drawn with as many lambs as you like. Cut them out and thread on some ribbon. You can write the words on also.

You can also play Make the Lamb! See the photo to see how to cut a lamb into 6 pieces.

Each person playing needs all the pieces to make one lamb. Each person takes a turn throwing a die. You take a part of the sheep as shown by the number you have thrown. For example, if you throw a 2 you can have the sheep’s body. If you throw a 6 add the tail. But if you throw another 2 or 6, you get nothing. The first person to make their whole lamb wins!

Don’t forget if you go for a walk over the Easter holidays to see if you can spot any lambs. They are such fun to watch when they jump around.

If you would like to colour an Easter picture of Jesus and Mary, click here.


Thank you Jesus for dying for us and forgiving us for the things we do wrong. Thank you that we can follow you as Mary did. Amen.

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