After Easter

Talk about it

What did Thomas say when his friends told him Jesus was alive? Why do you think he wanted proof before he believed? What did Jesus say to Thomas when he saw him? How do you think Thomas felt then?


Thank you God that so many people saw Jesus after he had come back to life! Thank you that their stories are told in the bible so that we can believe too. When we have doubts like Thomas did, please remind us of the truth. Amen.

Things to do

Play with your food and make a fish decorated with cereal (BUT ASK YOUR PARENTS FIRST!) Cut a fish shape out of card. Draw on the details (fins, eyes, mouth), then stick cereal on the body to make scales! You could use glitter glue for extra decoration. Cheerios make great scales, but experiment with different types of cereal to see what effects you can make.

Challenge your friends or family to a fish race. Cut fish shapes out of thin paper or newspaper. Decorate your fish so you know which one is yours. Line up all your fish on the starting line, then use a piece of card or a rolled up magazine to flap at your fish and make it move. The first fish across the finished line is the winner!

Thomas wanted to both see Jesus and feel the scars in his hands and side. Use your senses to guess what’s hiding in a bag! Ask someone in your family to hide an object in a bag (or a sock or pillowcase would work). Then see if you can guess what it is without looking! Take it in turns hiding things for each other. Who is the best guesser in your family?!

Enjoy these crosswords of Doubting Thomas or Breakfast on the Beach. Make them harder by cutting the answers off the bottom of the page!

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