Judas (and the disciples)

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had a brilliant half term holiday!

Talk about it

What were some of the things the disciples gave up so they could follow Jesus? What might have been scary about leaving things behind? What would have been exciting about following Jesus?

Talk about it

Why was Judas annoyed with Mary? What was Judas actually interested in? Why might this be surprising for a disciple of Jesus?


Dear Jesus, thank you that you love us and want to forgive us when we don’t follow you or make mistakes. I’m sorry for…  Please help me this week to follow you well. Amen.

Remember it

When Jesus asked Matthew to follow him, he said:

“Follow me and be my disciple,” Jesus said… Matthew 9:9

But Jesus wants all of us to follow him! Try to remember this verse this week and think about some of the things that can help us to follow Jesus today.

Things to do

To help you remember the memory verse, draw round your foot or a shoe, then write the verse in the footprint. If you want a slightly messier version (and ask your parents before you do this!) you could paint a footprint instead! Talk to someone in your house about things that can help you follow Jesus or things that show you’re following him, then write or draw those things around the edge. Hang it somewhere where you’ll see it this week to remind you to keep following Jesus.

Play follow the leader – take turns at being the leader and try to think of as many unusual ways of moving as you can!

You can find a colouring picture of the 12 disciples here – none of them have names labelled, so you can decide who you think is who!




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