ForeCast 11 April – Hot Topic

Join us for ForeCast this Sunday as we talk about the Hot Topic of Race. Sheila and Laura will be leading and Mike Strange will be unpacking the topic. Several bible passages will crop up, but the key text is Luke 10:25 – 37.

Laura and Sheila have both recently read Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man. This book came out of a series of short videos where Emmanuel Acho (a Nigerian American) has uncomfortable conversations with white people. He seeks to help people understand many different issues surrounding racism through frank discussion. And honestly, these conversations can be very uncomfortable! But they are also incredibly useful for helping those of us who have never actually experienced racism to begin to understand what it’s like. In this video, Race vs Religion, Emmanuel talks with Carl Lentz, lead pastor of Hillsong East Coast. It’s about 20 minutes long, but well worth the watch. The following quote is just one of many thought provoking statements: “My stance comes from the Old Testament: “I want justice – oceans of it*”. So unless I’m part of the oceans of justice team, I’m not doing enough. I’m part of the problem.”

During ForeCast we will be singing Big Family of God and God of Justice. Sheila and Laura have also selected the following songs to help prepare our hearts before our time together on Sunday. The subject of race can be both challenging and divisive. Let’s remember our creator God, the one who makes us all in his image, the one who unites us as his family. Let’s keep him at the centre of our lives and may we bring him praise and glory through our thoughts, words and deeds.

This I Believe (The Creed), Hillsong (6:43)

Image of God, We Are Messengers (3:21)

Open Your Eyes, Keith Green (4:42)

Love Your Neighbour, Veggie Tales (1:18)

If you enjoyed this one, you can watch the whole episode (based around the story of The Good Samaritan) here

And don’t forget – join us for chat after the service on Zoom.
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