This week in Rocks and Topz we were learning about Job. When things were brilliant or when things were awful, he chose to praise God! And even though he never found out why he went through so much suffering, he learned that he could trust God no matter how he was feeling.
We also talked about Job’s friends. We thought it was great that they came to sit with him, but some of their comments were less helpful! We talked about the kinds of things we could do to be a good friend if we knew someone who was having a hard time. Suggestions from the children included cheer them up (making silly faces, telling jokes, doing a funny dance), invite them over to play games or watch a film, give them a gift or card.
We ended our session by making a mobile to remind us that God is with us, no matter how we feel – using lots of dangling emojis to represent a whole range of feelings!
Think about…
How can you be a good friend to someone this week? You could choose a suggestion from the list or do something different. Talk with your parents about how it went, how it made you feel and how it made your friends feel.
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