Rebuilding the Walls

This week, Rocks & Topz were looking at the story of Nehemiah, and how he helped the people of Israel to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem when they returned from exile. This wasn’t an easy job, as lots of people didn’t want them to finish the walls. The people ended up building with one hand, and having a sword in their other hand just so they could protect themselves!

It didn’t matter how strong or powerful the people felt – the work would never have been completed without God being at work. We learned some of the words spoken to Zechariah: “You will not succeed by your own strength or by your own power. The power will come from my Spirit.” Zechariah 4:6

…difficult times when God has helped you. If you’re going through something difficult now, ask God to help you with it. Maybe write it down somewhere, and look out for how God answers your prayer!

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