Mary & Joseph


Talk about it

How do you think Mary and Joseph felt when angels came to see them? What do you think Mary thought about being pregnant with God’s Son? What did Mary and Joseph find out about Jesus before he was even born? What would have been difficult for Mary and Joseph?


Mary and Joseph both had to trust God. He had given them a really important job, but it wasn’t going to be easy for either of them. There are sometimes things that we find difficult too, but we can trust God just as Mary and Joseph did!

Dear God, thank you that we can celebrate Jesus being born. Thank you for Mary and Joseph and the way they trusted you, even though things weren’t always easy for them. Please help me to trust you too and to remember that you’re always there for me. Amen.

Remember it

After Gabriel had told Mary the amazing message, Mary said,

“I am the Lord’s servant!  Let it happen as you have said.”  Luke 1:38 

Even though it was going to be hard, she trusted God’s plan. To help you remember the verse, make a paper chain! Cut strips of colourful paper and write one word on each. Then join them into a paper chain. Either hang the chain up somewhere to help you remember the verse, or use it to tear away one word at a time as you learn the verse!

Things to enjoy

Draw a picture of Mary and Joseph. What do you think they looked like? What would they have worn? Around the edge of your picture, write down some of the things they might have felt, the things they did or anything else you know about them from the bible. If you have a big enough piece of paper, you could also draw some of the other people in the Christmas story who we’ll be learning about over the next few weeks!

Use some of your toys to tell the story so far to someone else in your family. You could use anything (lego figures, dolls, animals, stuffed toys…). Make labels or even outfits from paper to make them look more like Mary, Joseph and the angels might have looked! If you do this, I’d love to see pictures! Please ask your parents to send them to

Make a handprint angel – find the instructions here.

Have a go at making your own paper angel. There are some helpful instructions here.

Join us next time for the next part of the story!

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