Peter & John

Hello and welcome back! Last week Jane told us about when the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost. The disciples and people who had been following Jesus were changed from a very scared, nervous bunch, to a group of men and women who did amazing things for God! Today we’re going to hear about Peter and […]

After Easter

Talk about it What did Thomas say when his friends told him Jesus was alive? Why do you think he wanted proof before he believed? What did Jesus say to Thomas when he saw him? How do you think Thomas felt then? Pray Thank you God that so many people saw Jesus after he had […]

Palm Sunday

It’s only a week until Easter – who else is excited?! These videos tell the story of Jesus in the last week before he was killed. They start with Palm Sunday, when everyone was cheering for him and celebrating that Jesus was there. But by the end of the week those same people were ready […]

John the disciple

Talk about it Wow, John must have seen some amazing things as a friend of Jesus! There were a couple of things mentioned in the video – can you think of any other miracles John would have seen Jesus do? Think about some of your friends. What makes you want to be friends with them? […]

Judas (and the disciples)

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had a brilliant half term holiday! Talk about it What were some of the things the disciples gave up so they could follow Jesus? What might have been scary about leaving things behind? What would have been exciting about following Jesus? Talk about it Why was Judas annoyed with Mary? […]

John the Baptist

  Talk about it Where did John live? What did he wear and eat? What was special about the way he was born? What was the special job that he had to do? Why do you think his job was important? Pray Remember John’s job wasn’t always easy. The things he said upset a lot […]


Welcome back! I hope you’ve all had a brilliant Christmas and enjoyed your holiday. We spent lots of time looking at the Christmas story, but today we’re jumping back to the Old Testament and the story of Esther. This takes place at a time when the Jewish people had a non-Jewish king. Watch the story […]

Shepherds and Angels

Hi everyone! Talk about it How do you think the shepherds felt when they first saw the angels? Do you think they took presents to Jesus when they saw him? What might they have taken? Why did the shepherds tell everyone in town about Jesus after they’d seen him? Things to do Dress up like […]

Mary & Joseph

  Talk about it How do you think Mary and Joseph felt when angels came to see them? What do you think Mary thought about being pregnant with God’s Son? What did Mary and Joseph find out about Jesus before he was even born? What would have been difficult for Mary and Joseph? Pray Mary […]


Talk about it How do you think Daniel and his friends felt when they were taken to a new country? What do you think would have been hard for them? This next video shows a bit more detail about a very famous part of Daniel’s life. Before you watch it, see if you can tell […]