ForeCast 4th October

Thanks for joining us for our livestream on Sunday. If you couldn’t make it, you can still catch up. Keith returned to our series on Ephesians by speaking on Ephesians 4:1-16. Jane led – and made a special appearance from prison. You can reprise the memory verse with this sung version (by One Seeds, 2’54”). Our focus was on Paul’s letter, written by someone in physical chains in prison but free in Jesus, and urging us to live as people free from sin and slavery. Once in darkness but now in the light. Living as one body, in unity, encouraging one another and rejoicing that he has called us to share in One Lord who is saviour to all. We will hear from other members of our congregation and, as it is the first Sunday of the month, we will share communion together. Don’t forget to prepare practically and spiritually for that!
Before the service take the time to worship together. We may feel separated, but God sees and hears us all. Jane has chosen songs which talk about being free in Jesus, whoever we are, and his rescue plan for us. We can praise him for saving us and giving us a chance to live a life worthy of that calling. Let’s sing – it’s still legal in your home!
“Take your place beside the Saviour,
sit down and be set free –
come to the table”
Sidewalk Prophets – Come to the Table
Come to the Table, Sidewalk Prophets, 4’16”
Prisoners, Michael Farren, 4’04”
What a Beautiful Name it is Hillsong, 5’47”
God so loved, We are the Kingdom, 4’24” (a version with lyrics – if you prefer an excellent acoustic version by the same group without lyrics, try this, 4’09”)
There is a children’s version of Beautiful Name by Hillsong Kids which our children might enjoy.
And King Of Me (2’14”) is a reminder of some of the characters in the Bible we have been looking at over the past months in Sunday School.
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