Shepherds and Angels

Hi everyone!

Talk about it

How do you think the shepherds felt when they first saw the angels? Do you think they took presents to Jesus when they saw him? What might they have taken? Why did the shepherds tell everyone in town about Jesus after they’d seen him?

Things to do

Dress up like a shepherd and act out this part of the Christmas story. A tea towel makes a great headdress! Or you could act out this part of the story using pegs for the shepherds and angels and balls of cotton wool for the sheep. Make sure the shepherds tell as many people as they can about Jesus and why it was so exciting to meet him!

Make some cotton wool sheep ornaments to decorate your house. Find instructions here.

Get the paints out and make an angel with handprint wings! Or keep it simple and make these mini paper angels.

Try to find all the words in this Shepherd’s Visit word search.

Have a great week and we’ll see you next time for the final part of the Christmas story!

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