ForeCast 30th May

Please join us for our Forefront livestream Sunday service. Jane will be leading and David will continue our series of talks about the Creation. This week we will look at “God’s creation – restored in Christians”.

During our service there will be opportunity to spend some time in prayer, particularly for broken relationships or those which are difficult. Perhaps in your own life, in the lives of family, friends, colleagues or those you meet day to day. Spend some time before Sunday thinking about those you would like to pray for and if your memory is not great – write them down ready!

As we share all of God’s creation with others and build relationships our lives must involve a constant attitude of forgiveness. If you have the time, the article below tells the story of Antoine who Nige and I were privileged to meet whilst living in Rwanda. It starts with a powerful and challenging quote and reminds us that forgiveness and forgiving is available and possible for all.

As you prepare for the service we can worship together beforehand. We know that all of creation is crying out, but let’s start by reminding ourselves that Jesus is the answer. There is no one like our Lord, none like him.

No one like you Lord, Patrick Mayberry 4:26

Then praise and worship the God who takes us as broken vessels, opens our eyes and gives us new life. He puts his treasure in jars of clay and his love for us is vast beyond all measure.

Broken Vessels, Amazing Grace, Hillsong 5:00

How deep the Fathers love for us, Selah 3:19

And finally our response to the Lord of all creation who restores us and calls us to serve him.

Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly, Pat Barrett. 2:40

During the service we will sing Come People of the Risen King together.

Don’t forget the after-service opportunity for a chat. If you don’t receive our members’ email, and would like the opportunity to chat, contact the office and we’ll invite you in.

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