The Wise Men

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Welcome to the last online week before Christmas! Take a look at the introductory video.

The Wise Men would have studied Holy writings that we now have as our Bible and knew that a King would be born in Bethlehem. The star must have been a sign to them that something amazing was happening and they set out with their gifts to find this King. Watch the video to hear the story.

The Bible tells us the Wise Men came from the East and they must have travelled a long way. We picture the Wise Men at the stable but in reality they would have met him later on. We know this because Herod wanted to kill Jesus and after asking the Wise Men when they saw the star he killed all the children under two years old. So Jesus was somewhere under the age of two! When the Wise Men finally met Jesus they brought some strange gifts.

There is a quick game for you to play. Have a look at the pictures in this document to see which gifts you would give a baby today and which you would not! Answers at the bottom of the page.

The Wise Men brought gifts fit for a King and although we don’t know for sure what happened to them we can guess that perhaps they helped pay for Joseph, Mary and Jesus to escape and live in Egypt when the angel warned them of Herod’s plan. Joseph and Mary were very poor so it would have been hard for them otherwise.

As I mentioned in the video, I had a go at making wise men out of wooden spoons. They are at the top of the page. You could try this at home if you like. If you don’t have wooden maybe you have some plastic ones or lollipop sticks you could use. You can colour or use bits of paper. Be as creative as you like!

How about making a wise men paper chain. Here’s the template.


Thank you God for sending Jesus and for keeping him safe as a baby. Thanks you that we can remember and celebrate his birth. Help us to tell others this amazing news!


Picture answers

1 = Yes. Baby food.

2 = Yes. A dummy to keep baby quiet and happy.

3 = Yes. Disposable nappies – much easier than cloth.

4 = No. Tree book. Baby can’t read that till much older.

5 = No. Cup of hot tea. Too hard for a baby and too hot!

6 = Yes. Teething ring/rattle. Good to play with and ease sore gums.

7 = No. Antibacterial spray. Good for parents to use but not babies.

8 = Yes. Milk feeding bottle.

9 = No. Apple – much too hard for baby to eat.

10 = Bibs. Good to catch mess.

11 = No. Scissors – much too dangerous!

12 = Yes. Babygro – warm and cozy to wear.

13 = No. Umbrella – too big and hard to use.

14 = Yes. Heat showing spoons. Very useful.

Have a great week. Look out next week for a special package that will be arriving on your doorsteps!

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