Baby Jesus

Hello Rocks and Topz,

Only five weeks to go until Christmas! When Mary and Joseph were alive there was no such thing as Christmas. They would have no idea that what happened would be celebrated all these years later. Have a look at the introduction video:

And this is our video for this week:

So, Joseph and Mary had a son who would change the whole world. Did you think about why it was important that Jesus came as a baby? Well – he was born as a human baby even though he was the son of God. The story does not stop there though because he did not stay as a baby. He grew up from baby, to boy, to man and knows what it is like to be human and yet was the perfect example for us to follow. The most important part was the fact that he would give his life as a sacrifice for all people and take the punishment for sin instead. Surely the best present you could ever get!

Jesus had 33 years on earth and he did lots of things in that time. Let’s get your brains working and see how many miracles you can remember that he did. Write them down or get your parents to help.

Craft time

If you would like to make the paper Mary and Jesus that I mentioned in the video you can see what you need to make it here:

Draw the faces on the buttons first. Then fold the paper concertina style and then fold it in half and glue the edges in the middle. You may need help to hold the button inside and tie the ribbon. You could add string and glue them together to hang on your tree in December.

How about making a Nativity scene stained glass window?

You can print out the template I have drawn and either draw round it onto some black paper or colour it black like I did. Cut out the shape and then carefully, with glue, add in some tissue paper scraps to make a background. If you would like to do this but don’t have tissue paper get your parents to let me know and I will add it into your activity package for next week.

Who enjoyed the baby shark song which has been in the news again recently? If you would like to sing along to a Christmas story version try this.

How many miracles did you come up with? Jesus performed at least 37 and obviously the Bible does not record everything he did so there are more than that! I hope you remembered that his birth was a miracle too!

Fun and game

Why don’t you ask your parents to show you pictures of themselves as baby and you as a baby. Do you look similar? Think about what a baby needs.

Below is a list of words that I have scrambled up. They are words that describe things that Jesus had as part of his baby story. See if you can guess them. The answers are at the bottom of the page – and also what a baby today might have. See how different they are! See what others you can come up with.




4) YHA




Thank you Jesus for coming to earth to show us the way and to save us. Help us to remember you this Christmas and to tell others about you. Amen.

And finally, take a look at what Jayden did in half term. What an amazing Lego city!

Baby Jesus scrambled words.       What a baby today might have.
1) BSETLA = Stable………………………Hospital
2) PEHSE = Sheep…………………….….Teddy bear
3) TRSA = Star……………………..…….. Electricity
4) YHA = Hay……………………………….Mattress
5) LCTOH = Cloth…………………….…..Babygro
6) RMNAEG = Manger…………………..Cot
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