Solomon Smartypants

Hello Everyone! Anyone feeling wise this week? Take a look at this to introduce our bible character for this week and find a challenge.

Here’s the first video about Solomon:

Were you impressed that Solomon asked for wisdom? Not to be rich or live longer or be the best sportsman or warrior. What do you think you would you have asked for? If you want an interesting story of Solomon’s wisdom read 1 Kings 3 v 16-28.

God also gave Solomon wealth and he had thousands of horses and chariots, ships, gold and things from all over the world. I mentioned that Solomon liked words and to write. Here are some proverbs and sayings that he wrote: Solomons proverbs. I have mixed them up so see if you can match the right ending to the beginning. You can check in the Bible if you get stuck. Now, watch this to see the other thing that Solomon is well known for:

The Temple took 7 years to build! That is a long time and it must have been very beautiful. Did you notice in the video that they prepared all the stone elsewhere so the building on the site was quiet. No banging or hammering. Solomon wanted to make it so well to honour God. The Bible talks about Solomon knowing lots about plants and animals which I also mentioned. Why not make a nature table this week? Collect some things which interest you. Here is mine.

There WERE more blackberries but they got eaten… and also there were woodlouse but they ran away off the table before I could get them in the picture! I am looking forward to eating the hazelnuts.

We also went with Grace and Esther for a walk this week and on the way we discovered this interesting plant. It is very sticky and feels quite weird. We were not sure what it was so if you find things you are not sure about, then perhaps try and use a book or the Internet to find out. This plant is actually burdock. It turns out that, in 1941, a guy called George de Mestral, who was a Swiss engineer, thought it was fascinating because it feels sticky but you don’t stick to it. He studied it, and then invented Velcro. How cool is that! I bet you have lots of things that use Velcro. Grace and Esther’s trainers do!

We saw this slug, too. You can see, if you look closely, the hole in its side that it breathes through. It is called a pneumostome.

Solomon was amazed and interested in all the things God had made and we can be too.

Solomon was the wisest King in the world. You can make a toast crown to remind yourself. Make some toast (brown or white bread!), cut it into triangle shapes and then lay them out in a crown shape. You can decorate it with jewels – grapes! – to make it special. Then you can eat it for a snack.

Pray – thank you God that you made this amazing world. Thank you that can help us to be wise and help us not to turn away from you as Solomon did. Each day help us make wise choices and be more like you. Amen

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