Walking to Emmaus

Welcome back to Pebbles, Rocks and Topz! It’s been great seeing some of the crafty things you’ve been making – I love this rainbow coloured road! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us – keep sending them to rocksandtopz@forefront.org.uk

The next two weeks we’re going to be finding out what happened to Jesus and his friends straight after Easter Sunday. Enjoy the video, have fun with the crafts and games and remember that Jesus is with us too!

Talk about it

Who do you want to go and see first when lockdown is over? Why do you want to go and see them? What sort of things will you do together?

Who were some of the people that Jesus went to see after he’d come back to life? Why do you think Jesus went to see them? What did Jesus do with them? Read Luke 24:34-49 to find out what happened after the two friends had got back to Jerusalem!


Dear God, thank you that Jesus dying and coming back to life was all part of your big plan to save us. Thank you that just like you met with your friends when you came back to life, you have promised to be with us too. Please help us to remember how much you love us and that you will never leave us. Amen.

Creative writing

Imagine you are one of Jesus’ friends who was walking to Emmaus. Think about what happened, how it made you feel and what it meant. Write about it as if you were that person – maybe writing a letter to a friend to tell them what happened, or writing in a diary. Or you could write a poem, talking about how you felt before and after you met Jesus on the road, or what it was like when you realised it was him.

Act it out

Use three toys to be Jesus and his two friends. Imagine the conversation that the two friends were having before Jesus joined them. Think about the things that they told Jesus when they first met as they were travelling, and some of the things that Jesus told them. Act out what happened when they had a meal together imagine how the friends felt when they realised they were eating with Jesus!

Other activities

Cartoon strip – find a piece of plain paper and fold it in half, in half and in half again. Unfold it – you now have 8 boxes. See if you can tell the story of Jesus meeting his friends on the road to Emmaus in just 8 sentences. Use this template if you’re finding it hard! Write one sentence in each box on your page, then draw a picture to go with it.

Follow my leader – see how many fun ways you and your family can think of to move! Play in your house, your garden or when you go out for a walk (and see if other people join in with you!)

Salt dough footprint – make a batch of salt dough (simple recipe here), then roll out until it’s bigger than your foot and about 2 inches thick. Press your foot into it to make a footprint, then leave it to dry (or put it in the oven if you just can’t wait!) When it’s dry, decorate it with paint or pens and use it as a reminder that Jesus walked with his friends as they travelled, and that he walks with us today too.

Colouring – colour and cut out this picture. If you have a lolly stick, you can make it look like Jesus and his friends are walking along the road!

Find a free quiz and adventure trail from the Bible Society.

Have a great week everyone and don’t forget to join us next Sunday!

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