Epic Explorers: Mysterious Mountains

Epic Explorers takes us on a journey around Adventure Island. At each stop we learn an important lesson about Jesus.

This week we trekked up the Mysterious Mountains. This was the most difficult part of the journey so far as we found out about the best and worst day in history – the day that Jesus was killed.

We read through Mark 15 together, exploring the events of Good Friday from the time that the crowd chose for Barabbas to be released to Joseph burying Jesus in a borrowed tomb.

Even though the events of Good Friday are truly awful and unfair, they were necessary for us to be able to know God. We read about the curtain in the temple, torn from top to bottom, symbolising the fact that everyone would now be able to come and meet with God – the best news ever!

So because it was both a happy and a sad day, we ended our session by decorating happy and sad biscuits!

Check back with us next week as we visit Crown Cave!

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