ForeCast 18 April 2021

Join us for ForeCast this Sunday as we talk about the Prodigal Son – justification by grace. Helen and Christine will be leading and Keith Barnard will be unpacking the topic. The key text is Luke 15: 11-21. Join the service using this link:

Prayer jamboard – before Sunday: Following the success in the youth service last month, in preparation for the service please get involved in our interactive prayer jamboard anytime from now until Sunday at 10.30am. We’d like you to share how God has revealed his kindness and love to you. These will be used during the service on Sunday to give thanks. Click here to be connected to the board. You can add your prayers using the side panel – probably the easiest ways are by sticky note or text box. Please make sure your contribution doesn’t cover over anyone else’s and be careful not to touch the ‘clear frame’ button, otherwise you wipe everyone’s contributions!

During ForeCast we will be singing All My Days and O Praise the Name – the words are attached so you can join in. Gill Barnard has selected the following songs to help prepare our hearts before our time together on Sunday, let’s join together to worship our God whose grace is enough, who has made us his children so that we’re no longer outcasts, but welcomed in – praise God!

Daily I Stumble  Ben Atkins, Resound Worship 3′ 36”
I am Who you Say I am  Hillsong 5′ 29”

Join us for chat after the service on Zoom using the details sent to you – contact the church office if you aren’t a member but would like to join in. Bring your own drinks and biscuits!

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