ForeCast 7th March

Join Sheila and Laura for ForeCast this Sunday as they take a look at the next part of our Mark series: Jesus – Son of Man, Lord of the Sabbath, Mark 2:18-3:6We will be starting our time together with communion, so have your bread and wine ready before we start! Nigel will be speaking to us from these packed verses in Mark and we’ll also hear about how some very busy people find time to rest.

In preparation for communion, listen to some of these songs – they are a great reminder that we are all offered an invitation, personally issued by God himself, to come to him for all we need. Communion is one of the ways we can respond to that invitation.

I heard the voice of Jesus say, Celtic Source (3.51)

Run to the Father, Cody Carnes (5.02)

Come to the table, Sidewalk Prophets (4.16)

After the service there will be a chance to enjoy a chat with others in the Forefront family. Members have been sent the link. If you’re a ForeCast visitor and would like to join us all for a post-service chat in future weeks, send us an email at, or put a note in the chat during the service.
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