Adam & Eve

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It’s been great looking at Easter and the early church over the last few weeks, but now we’re taking a trip right back to the very beginning of the bible. Over the next few months we’re going to meet lots of people who make up part of God’s story in the Bible, starting this week with Adam and Eve, the very first people!

Make it

God is creative, so we can be creative too! Why not try one or two of these things to remind you of God’s amazing creation, or just to have fun!

  • junk modelling – God made Adam out of dust, so see what kind of a person you can make with the things in your recycling box! Check with your parents first before you start cutting things up!
  • draw a picture of God’s creation. You could draw separate pictures of what he made each day, or just choose some of your favourite parts of creation to include.
  • design a new creature – use the imagination God gave you to think of a new kind of creature. Some questions to help you think about your design:
    • is your creature big or small?
    • is it strong or weak?
    • how many head/eyes/arms/legs/ears does it have?
    • what colour is it?
    • is its body hard or soft?
    • does it have hair, fur, scales or skin? Or a combination?
    • what special things can it do?
  • make a person – use play dough or salt dough to make a person.
  • make a collage – ask your parents for catalogues, leaflets or magazines that you can cut up with pictures of flowers, plants, trees or animals in them. Cut out as many different kinds of plants and animals as you can and stick them on a collage. Then thank God for so many different and amazing things in his creation!


Next time you go for a walk, notice all the different things that God has made. How many things can you spot on your walk? Praise God for so many beautiful and unique things that he has made!

Discuss it

What was the world like when God first made it? What did God say about the things he had made?

How did God know that Adam and Eve had sinned? What changed in their friendship with God?

Why did God send Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden?

When you do things wrong, how do you feel? How do you think God feels when we choose to disobey him?

Remember it

The bible tells us that because Adam and Eve sinned and disobeyed God, we are all separated from God. But when Jesus died on the cross, his obedience gave us all the chance to be friends with God again!

“So as one sin of Adam brought the punishment of death to all people, one good act that Christ did makes all people right with God. And that brings true life for all.” Romans 5:18

Use this snake (print it here) as a way to remember that even though we all do things wrong, Jesus has made a way for us to be right with God again.


Just like Adam and Eve, we all disobey God and do things he has told us not to do. But God loves us and sent Jesus to rescue us, and when we believe in Jesus, we can say sorry for the wrong things we’ve done and know that God forgives us. Take some time now to think about anything that you might have thought or said or done that God wouldn’t be happy with. Say sorry to him and thank him for his love and forgiveness.

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