ForeCast 14th February – The Trinity

Join Jane from 10:25am this Sunday. We will be joined by Simon Marshall from Wellsprings Community Church as he shares a message on The Trinity – the Christian doctrine that God is one being, in three persons. This is the latest in our occasional series, in which we explore the foundational teachings of our faith. We will hear from members of our congregation in the service. Spend some time before you join, worshipping at the top of your lungs, using the songs Jane has chosen. Reflect on the mystery and majesty of The Trinity.

Song recommendation before the service:

The Trinity Song, Sarah McCracken, 2’42”

If you don’t know this next one to sing along to you can join in the responses:

Does the Father truly love us? – He does
Does the Spirit move among us – He does
And does Jesus the Messiah hold forever those he loves? – He does.

Is He Worthy, Keith and Kristyn Getty, 4’35”
King of Kings, Hillsong, 4’10”
Raise your voices wherever you are! Awake my Soul and sing, Sing his praise aloud!
Awake My Soul, Tasha Cobbs and Hillsong. 3’40”
After the service there will be an opportunity to join with others in the Forefront family for a coffee (bring your own!) and chat. Zoom links have been emailed; if you’re not a member and would like to join in, please contact us!
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