Hello everyone!

Watch this video for some of the highlights of Elijah’s life…

… then watch this video for a closer look at Elijah’s challenge to King Ahab and his false god.

Talk about it

Why did God stop sending rain? (1 Kings 16:29-33 will give you a clue!) After that, it didn’t rain for three years, and King Ahab was very angry. How do you think Elijah felt when he went to challenge Ahab and the prophets of Baal? How did God prove that he is the true God? What was unusual about the way that Elijah’s life ended?

Remember it

When God answered Elijah’s prayer and sent fire to prove that he is the true God, Elijah and the people cried out, “The Lord – he is God! Yes, the Lord is God!” 1 Kings 18:39

Write this verse out and put it up somewhere in your house where you’ll see it every day – you could write the verse on the bottom of the colouring page (below) or put it on a post it note, then stick it on a mirror or a door or attach it to your fridge with magnets! Wherever you display it, use it to remind you of who God is and praise him for his amazing power!

Fun and games

Go for a walk in the rain and splash in lots of puddles (with wellies on, of course!) Thank God for sending the rain that is so important.

Go for a walk in the sun and see how many different types of plants you can spot.

Take a photo of a view you see on one of your walks. Talk about how different that view would look if there was no rain for three years. Have a go at drawing or painting what you think it would look like.

Colour this picture – don’t forget to write the memory verse on it too!

See if you can find all the words in this word search.

Make a rain stick – imagine how happy the people were to hear rain after three years without it!



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