ForeCast 16 August 2020

Please join us for this Sunday’s ForeCast livestream from 10:25 on Sunday.
This week, Jane will lead us as we continue to explore Psalm 119. We will look at a few highlights of last Sunday evening’s baptisms at Charmouth, including the testimonies, and catch up with other members. Nigel will speak on God’s Word “eternal and unchanging”, drawing lessons from from the Like button in social media! We will pray and put God and his word at the centre of our devotion together.
ForeCast gives each of us a return based on the effort we individually put in – please prepare early and come in a prayerful, thankful spirit, eager to hear God the Holy Spirit speak to you, personally. In order to encourage the sense of worship among us, Jane recommends we all watch and join in with some worship songs before we start:
Only a Holy God by Here be Lions, 5’11”
Be Enthroned by Jeremy Riddle, 6’42”
You Keep your Word by Austin and Lindsey Adamec, 5’20”
Your Words by Third Day, 3’56”
In addition, if you missed our ‘video leaflet’ introducing Psalm 119, or would like a refresher, you can find it here on YouTube. It’s less than four minutes. In an uncertain, fearful age, we acknowledge God’s eternal will and unchanging nature, with our passage this week:
Your faithfulness continues through all generations;
    you established the earth, and it endures.  (v90)
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