King David

Last week we heard about Saul, the first king of Israel. He started out following God, but then he decided he was greater and more important than God. So God chose a new king, and this one was probably a bit of a surprise…

Talk about it

What do you think Samuel thought when he saw David? Why might people have thought that David would be no good as a king? Why do you think God chose him?

More of David’s story

There is a lot in the bible about David, before and after he was king. You probably know this story about David and Goliath already – see how much of the story you can tell to someone else before you watch it! This story is in the Jesus Storybook Bible – if you have this bible at home, you could read along while you watch the video.


Watch this song from last week – look out for King David!


Just like David looked after and protected his sheep when he was young, God looks after and protects us! David wrote this psalm to remind himself and others of just how much God loves us. Listen to the psalm being read, then praise God for how much he loves you.

Things to do

  • have a go at making your own wax reveal picture
  • if you have a Jesus Storybook Bible, you can read about God choosing David to be king in the story ‘The teeny, weenie… true king’.
  • have a go at this crossword. You can find all the answers in 1 Samuel 16 in the ESV version of the bible.
  • if you made a crown last week, read Psalm 23 (written by David) and see if you can add any more great things about God.
  • enjoy this fun wordsearch.
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