Welcome back everyone! This week our story is about Ruth. As we begin, take a look at the introduction video:

And now, to learn the story of Ruth, watch this video:

Talk about

Did you guess who might have been Rahab’s son from this story? Yes – it is Boaz! So, Rahab was not born an Israelite and neither was Ruth. But as it said in the video, if you look down the generations of their family tree, you eventually get to Jesus!

Naomi and Ruth had a long, hard journey back to Bethlehem and Ruth had to get used to a new country, people and culture. They were poor and Ruth had to work hard just to feed them both. I expect ‘gleaning’ was a new word for you. To find out what it means, and for a couple of craft ideas, watch the next video.

Craft Time

Here is the template of the barley craft verse. I had great fun whooshing off the grass seeds from the stalk and I remember doing this when I was your age! You can colour in the memory verse too.

Do you have a passport? Or your parents? In Ruth’s day people didn’t need a passport, but everyone would have known Ruth was from another country. Here is my template for the passport with an extra sheet at the end to cut out and add in text and pictures to help you remember the story. Each page prints out one-sided, on separate pages, so it is easier for you to work on. If you want to glue, staple or string it together you might need an adult to help you get the correct order.


Do you know what Bethlehem means? The answer is at the bottom of the page!

Extra fun stuff

If you do manage to go for a walk and find some crops, see if you can identify them and maybe draw them. If you like tractors you could add one in to your picture! You could even send us a picture of you by the crops.

If you have Lego figures, dolls or something similar you could make a journey for them like Naomi and Ruth’s. On a tray or outside in the garden you could use some sand for the desert area. A bit of salt for the Dead Sea they had to go around, some grass for green areas, some earth for another section and a bowl of water for crossing the River Jordan and some stones for climbing up to Bethlehem.

Or you could act out the different ways we can travel today – by aeroplane, trains, cars …. See how many you can come up with. There are loads!

The cereal you have for breakfast is made from crops. Usually wheat, oats, maize or barley. Ask your parents if you can have a small bowl of two different dry cereals mixed together. Have another spare bowl and see how quickly you can separate each cereal so you end up with one type in each bowl! As a reward why not have a tea party in the garden and you can eat your cereal.


Thank you Jesus for the story of Ruth and how she showed love and loyalty to Naomi. Thank you for Boaz who helped them both and was kind. Help us to be loving, loyal, kind and helpful to our family and friends. Thank you so much that like Ruth you have made us part of your family too. Amen.

Quiz answer

Bethlehem means “House of Bread”. It is a nice reminder of the story, as Ruth gleaned barley so she could make bread for herself and Naomi. God provided for them. If you eat some bread today see if you can remember the story and tell someone else in your family.

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