Joshua and Jericho

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Talk about it

How do you think Joshua and the Israelites felt when they heard God’s instructions? How do you think Rahab and her family felt? How can this bible story help us when God is asking us to do something that might seem strange or difficult?


Thank you, God, that your plans are always the best plans, even if they seem strange to us or we can’t see how things are going to work out. Help us to always trust you and do what you ask us to do. Give us courage when things are hard, and help us to remember that you’re always with us. Amen.

Silly song

Even though the people of Jericho were terrified of the Israelites, I’m sure they were a bit surprised when they started walking round their city! They may have even started to make fun of them, laughing at the way they just walked around the walls instead of attacking. Enjoy this silly song from Veggie Tales that imagines how the people of Jericho might have reacted…

Fun and Games

Build a walled city from lego or building blocks. Act out the story and see if you can bring the walls crashing down!

Print this matching pairs game to play with your family. See if you can recognise the different parts of the story from the pictures.

Make a horn/trumpet. Decorate it and make as much noise with it as you can! Download a horn template here. This page also has some great colouring pictures.

Join us again next week to see what happens to Rahab’s family next!

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