Spying out the land


Let’s have a quick recap of some of the things that happened to God’s people after they left Egypt and before they got to Canaan. See if you can spot how many spies Moses sent into Canaan and how long the Israelites were in the desert…

How many spies did Moses send into Canaan? And how many of them thought that they should listen to God and go into the land he had promised? What were their names? How many more years did the Israelites wander in the desert because they didn’t trust God?

When Joshua became the leader, he sent spies into the city of Jericho. But he only sent two. What happened this time? Who helped the spies? How do you think God helped the spies too?

Decoding the memory verse

Spies need to be good at communicating in code. Click here to find a coded version of today’s memory verse.


Thank God that he is with us wherever we go. Ask him to help you to be courageous, even when you are feeling afraid or have to do something difficult.

Fun and games

Become a spy! Print a pair of glasses here or find another way to disguise yourself. See how long you can quietly sneak around your house without anyone noticing you.

Write a message in code. You could use the code from the memory verse as a starting point.

Play hide and seek with your family – for an extra challenge, see if you can move from one hiding place to another without being spotted!

Click here for a wordsearch all about Rahab.

Make a 3D picture of Rahab letting the spies out of the window. Print all the parts here. Cut out the building. Cut along the dotted lines of the window shutters and fold them open. Cut out the picture of Rahab and stick it behind the window. Roll the building into a tube and stick the sides together. Cut out the spies and attach them to the window using a pipe cleaner, string or wool.

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