Noah’s Ark

Welcome back Rocks, Topz and Pebbles. Last week we started to meet some people that are part of God’s bible, the very first people called Adam and Eve. Do you remember what happened?


Thanks to those of you that have been sharing what you have been creating and thinking about with us. This week Lydia, Rupert and Elodie had fun drawing pictures of creation. Thanks for sending them into us. You can send yours to


Today we meet a man who’s name started with a N and had a lot of animal friends. Any guesses? Come and meet some of my animal friends and we will have a chat about today’s story. Click the video below.

A bit of fun and slime:

Snail Racing is great fun. See if you can find two or more snails in your garden and get them to race. All you need to do is to make them a race track, maybe draw it with chalk or create it out of sticks. You could name your snail and cheer it on, make sure you are sitting comfortably, you might be there for a while!

The National trust have snail racing as one of their ’50 things to do before you are 113/4’, so if you need help setting this up you can find instructions here.

Story Time:

You guessed it, we are learning about Noah and his enormous floating Zoo! You can find it in the bible,  Genesis 6-8. When you are ready see what Ludo has to say about the story of Noah. Click the video below to watch.


Lets see what actually happened in the story of Noah. Maybe you know? Watch the video below and then have chat with you someone in your house about the story, using the questions below this video.

Talk about it:

  • What do you think Noah’s family and friends thought when he started building the boat?
  • Why did Noah do what God asked?
  • Why did God flood the earth?
  • What did God promise Noah once the flood water had all gone?
  • What does that promise mean to us today?

Praise God for his promise:

We see lots of animals around us all of the time and if you look around you will see even more. We are so lucky to have all the beautiful animals living with us and we must respect not only them but the habitats in which they live.

What is your favourite animal? Draw a picture of this animal. Tell God 3 things you like about that animal and thank him for creating them and saving them from the flood on Noah’s Ark. We would love to see your pictures. Please write the 3 things you like about the animal on your picture and we can show then at the next service.

God made a promise to Noah, and all of us that he would never again flood the earth. He used a rainbow as the sign of this promise, and the rainbow represented God’s protection and hope. Rainbows are so bright and colourful and make everyone feel happy but for those of us who know the story of Noah rainbows mean much more…. Hope for the future with God and this beautiful world he created.

Many of you have been making rainbows already to thank the NHS who are protecting us and giving us hope whilst we are all at home staying away from the nasty bug. Have a look at anything rainbow you have made and think about the promise God made us through Noah. How cool is that!

A bit of fun and dancing:

So I know lots of you like Unicorns, but what happened to the unicorns? Why don’t we see them? Are they real? Sing along with the song below to see what happened to them? Well it might have? How do you know? We could ask Noah when we meet him in heaven! – It’s just a bit of fun.

If you enjoy this song we would love to see videos or pictures of you dancing. Maybe you could act it out? Who’s going to be the unicorn?

Craft time:

As well as pictures of your favourite animal we would love to see pictures of the rainbows you have made. Maybe you can add something to your rainbow pictures so it remembers God’s promise to Noah.

You could also print this picture of Noah’s ark and colour it. Boaz like this one as it has two of his great great great great great great great………great grandparents on it!

You could also make a rain stick, or a promise journal. Boaz will, kind of, tell you about making the rain stick but if you want to do the promise journal you could decorate a notepad with God’s promise sign, a rainbow, and write something each day that your are thankful to God for. God keeps his promises.

See what Boaz has to say about his favourite crafts in the video below.

If his instructions for the rain stick need a bit more detail check it out here.

Joking around:

Ludo thinks you might like to try out his Ark jokes, so here they are:

Q:What animal on the ark could Noah not trust?
A: The cheetah

Q: What kind of lights were on the ark?
A: Floodlights

Q: Which animal on the ark had the highest degree of intelligence?
A: The giraffe


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