The Sovereign Bus

Over the Easter holidays Chard received a visit from the Sovereign Bus from Cornwall. Decorated by the same artist who painted our community centre, the bus became the focus for children and adults to engage in crafts, ask deep questions and enjoy refreshments. The bus spent the morning on Fore Street and then headed over to Henson Park in the afternoon. Volunteers for the day came from Chard Churches Together and they enjoyed hosting and meeting members of the community.

Here is some of the feedback that we had from the volunteers:

All the children who came on the bus loved the crafts. Lots of fab lions made and we even had a dad who did some pebble painting.

I just loved it. It was good to be with all the churches of Chard on mission…The artwork on the bus was amazing!

The people who I talked with who I saw after they had been on the bus, especially young couples with small children, were very appreciative of what we were doing. So thank you for all the hard work everyone put into today to make it a success.

At Henson Park, the bus was greeted by a large group of young people, who then engaged with games, a BBQ, skating and a tuck shop.

We had a very warm welcome from the young people. They were expecting us, they were clapping and celebrating our arrival. They were really excited to go on the bus and we had some very good conversations with [them].

It was a real honour to be able to offer something a bit different to the people of Chard over the Easter period.

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