ForeCast 6th June

Please join David and team for our ForeCast on Sunday. We will hear from Nigel as he speaks on ‘God’s creation – Restored at His coming again‘, the final  instalment in our current series ‘God’s World in God’s Word’. We will be challenged to live holy lives in preparation for Christ’s coming. There will be three songs in our service and plenty of opportunity to praise together.  During the service we will be joining together to celebrate the Lord’s Supper so please prepare bread and wine in advance so that you can join with us.

We encourage you to spend some time before you join us in worship and praise. Nigel has chosen some songs that fit in with his theme.

 Purify My Heart (Refiner’s Fire), Vineyard Worship, 4’19”.

Are You Ready,  Graham Kendrick, 5’19”

Creation Awakes, Emu Music, 4’59”

If you have plenty of time there’s also ‘Refiner’ by Maverick City Music, –  it’s 12’13” long but a brilliant meditative piece. [See also . Refiner, Maverick City Music, 10’10”.for a version with lyrics but without video of people worshipping.]

Nigel also recommended the following links to two stories that he will be referring to in his message and you might like to have a look at these in advance.


Picture: Nigel Marsh for Forefront

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