Joshua rocks!

Hello Pebbles, Rocks and Topz! Did you enjoy the session on Moses last week? What a lot happened! This time we are looking at Joshua who took over from Moses. To catch up with the first part of the story take a look at this:

God’s people are so close to the promised land now and Joshua has been chosen by God to lead them. Joshua listens to God and does everything he tells him to.

A game to play

Here’s a leader game you can play on your own or with your family. You could make your own versions too with things in your house or garden. There are 10 photo’s of groups of things I have chosen. Click each photo in turn, to make it bigger. For each photo, pick the one item out of the group you think should be the leader. I have put my choices below, but I expect they will be different to yours. See if other members of your family choose different leaders to you!

Here are the things I chose.

1 – The purple one! It is the tastiest and nuts are delicious.

2 – The honey bee poop. It is so cute!

3 – The lion poop. 10 out of 10 for smelliness and yuck factor!

4 – The number 8 shell. It is the most beautiful.

5 – The giraffe. It reminds me of when we used to feed them in Kenya. Plus it is the tallest.

6 – The crocodile. The scariest and most likely to eat me!

7 – The pomegranate. I love them and also it is the biggest!

8 – The number 4 flower, the fuschia. It is so delicate and has an eye catching colour.

9 – The sock number 2. It is the cleanest, newest and funniest.

10 – Joshua, even though his shield looks like a fried egg! Did you notice all the others are people we have learnt about over lockdown Sunday School.  Lots of them were leaders too.

The great thing is that God does not choose people the same way we might. He does not look for the cutest, smelliest, most beautiful, tallest, biggest or funniest. God looks at our hearts and knows if we want to listen to him and follow him. All of us are chosen by God – we just have to say YES to him.

Would you like to know what happens next in the story? Excellent – go to the second video:

Wow! What an amazing miracle. Take a look at this:

The Jordan River was much bigger than the one I’m in, so you have to use your imagination a bit. Let us know if you enjoy a welly walk this week in the river. Did you manage to find 12 stones too? I found 12 and made a short memory verse of something God says to Joshua more than once.  It is a good way to make a memory altar like Joshua did. Maybe your pile of stones will be better piled up than mine!

Or as an alternative you could try this Joshua Rocks challenge on paper. Just cut out the rocks, then shuffle them up and try to put them back in the right order. Here’s a PDF of Joshua Rocks with an easy version first. If you’re rock-hard, why not try the tougher version on the second page!

Then get moving and sing and dance along to this song which will help you learn the memory verse, too.

Craft time

How about getting creative and making this, from this template. You can colour it in how you like. Maybe as an extra challenge, if you don’t know what is inside the Ark of the Covenant, find out in Hebrews 4 v 9. You might remember some of the items from the story of Moses.


Thank you God, that you chose Joshua to lead the people after Moses died. Thank you that you chose us too. You tell us to be strong and courageous. Help us to listen to you and to do what you ask. Thank you that you love us.










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