Leaders update

We’re pleased to announce that Abbie Brister has joined the Leadership Team, and we have revised the map of who is primarily responsible for what on our six-strong leadership team.

But what does leadership mean in Forefront? In common with many churches whose origins are in the non-conformist tradition, we understand church leadership to be plural. We recognise leaders in various ministries, according to their gifts and calling, and most of the week-to-week work in Forefront gets done because of their diligence. Leaders of our home groups (which we call Life Groups) are significant in our pastoral activities and ‘family business’.  Our Trustees ensure we fulfil our responsibilities for staff, property and financial accountability. Our Forefront Centre administrator Martyna Lee runs a team of receptionists and volunteers which ensures this facility continues to fulfil the vision which led us to establish it. Week by week, our Sunday meetings are guided by busy rotas of service leaders, speakers and musical worship leaders, meaning no two services look alike. The Leadership Team provides spiritual oversight to all of this, seeking to discern God’s will for Forefront and making decisions which bring it into being.

To see how we visualise the oversight of the leadership team, see the draft map.

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