Isaac & Rebekah

Welcome back – I hope you’ve all had a great week! Last week we heard about Abraham and Sarah and the amazing promises God made them. God asked them to move from their hometown to a new place he had promised to give them. They would have spent a lot of time living in a tent, but I bet it didn’t look as good as this one – and I’m not sure they would have had a guinea pig with them either!

Today we’re going to be hearing about Isaac when he grew up – let’s find out what happened!

Talk about it

What can you remember from the story of Abraham and Sarah last week? What promises did God make to Abraham?

Why do you think Abraham didn’t want Isaac to travel back to his hometown? How do you think the servant felt when God answered his prayer so quickly?

The bible tell us that Rebekah was given clothes and gold and silver jewellery, but it doesn’t tell us what expensive gifts were given to her family – what do you think they could have been? What kind of gifts do you like?

Talk about it

Who has told you about God? See how many people you can list!

You can print your own version of Abraham’s family tree to remind you of their story so far. There are also some blank circles – you can use them to add to the tree over the next few weeks, or you could make your own version with your family and friends. Abraham told Isaac about all the amazing things that God had done for him. Isaac told Rebekah and their children, Jacob and Esau. Who will you talk to about God this week?

Parents will tell their children what you have done. They will retell your mighty acts, wonderful majesty, and glory… They will tell about the amazing things you do, and I will tell how great you are.

Psalm 145:4-6


Thank God for the people who have told you about him. Ask him to help you tell other people and pass on the message about his goodness!

Make and do

Abraham’s servant took jewellery for the wife he would find for Isaac. Why not make some of your own jewellery – bracelets and necklaces can be made by threading beads, pasta shapes or even cereal on to string or wool. Or make a bracelet shape from card, then cover it in tin foil or papier mache. There are instructions for making bracelets with straws here, plus loads more ideas here.

Print the people and camels and see if you can retell the story in your own words. If you get stuck, watch the video again, or take a look at Genesis 24.

Find a fun crossword here – all the answers are from today’s story!

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