Jonah’s fishy tale

Hello everyone! This week we will take a journey with Jonah. Take a look at this:

Jonah is a book all of its own in the Bible but how well do you think you actually know the story? Watch this to find out.

The job God gave Jonah was not an easy one. It involved a long journey to a land full of people that Jonah did not know and thought were wicked. Plus it was a big city that he would have to walk through for three days and give a message that was not a happy one! Did you know that the people there worshipped a God that was part man part fish? I bet that gave Jonah something to talk about!

Here is a question for you – do you think Jonah was HAPPY or SAD that the people of Nineveh had said sorry to God and God had not destroyed them? Watch this next video to find out what happened next – it is quite a funny one but will help tell the story.

Jonah’s story is not just about a fish. It is amazing that God was working in Jonah’s life as well as working in the lives of all those from Nineveh. Jonah needed God to show mercy to him by saving him with a fish and then showing him that people are more important than plants and that God cares for those he has made. It helped Jonah to understand how God thinks! God often teaches us while using us to help others too. We are all still learning however young or old you are.

Things to do

Why not leave a trail of mini marshmallows or some bread crumbs and someone in your family has to follow the trail to find you. Jonah thought he could run away and God would not find him. That wasn’t true though! God always knows where we are.

Make a Jonah and the big fish paper plate model. Here are some instructions and a template. You need a two paper plates. Cut out the middle section of one carefully and then you can use this piece to make the tail and fins.

I covered the hole with acetate but if you don’t have this then a plastic document folder would work, or some cling film. I used torn tissue paper for seaweed but you could draw it or use wool. I then drew some fish but you could add fish toys if you have them.





Or if this is too complicated you can make this really easy one like the one I had in my boat. You just need to make two folds in it, the way I did.

Or how about trying a Jonah fish experiment?

You need some baking powder, a small carrot, a bowl of water and 2 toothpicks. Peel and cut the carrot in half.

Take one half of the carrot (you can eat the other!) and on the flat side make a hole with your peeler about a finger width but not all the way through. Maybe an adult can help with this. Break the toothpicks in half and stick them on the rounded side in each corner. Fill the hole with baking powder. Watch this video to see what it looks like and what happened with mine.

Here’s fun song video to watch to help you remember the story.

That’s it for this week.

When you’re trying to run away

Always stop and have a pray

Make pleasing God your fervent wish

Or you’ll end up inside a fish.


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